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Atlastix delivers full-stack monitoring and observability for enterprise hybrid-cloud applications and infrastructure. The platform provides centralised visibility and reporting across applications, servers, databases, cloud & on-prem infrastructure, and service management tooling.
Built as an open data platform, Atlastix is capable of hyper-scale ingest rates across logs, metrics, trace, synthetics, service management telemetry, and business data.
The Atlastix AI engine runs at wire-speed using complex algorithms to dynamically apply business value chain context and health scoring to every incoming event. Organisations can now simplify the extraordinary complexity of their technology ecosystem into a single powerful AX Health Score. This real-time scoring is derived from billions of datapoints and leverages dynamic thresholds, complex rate of change calculations and multi-variable anomaly detection.
Every single data point in your organisation becomes available within 3 clicks of your AX Score.
View your entire organisation in real-time, and compare to any historical moment.
Improve organisational performance and customer experience with Atlastix, Today.

Get ready to be amazed.


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